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Easily Find Clinical Testing and their Providers Around the World

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On Skinobs Platform

A unique platform dedicated to clinical testing providing up-to-date information about the methods and the testing laboratories.

A platform launched in April 2016, in response to a real industrial need

The idea of this database was born from a survey of the many actors within the cosmetics industry: active ingredients and finished products manufacturers, instrumentation developers, testing laboratories and associations. After careful data analysis, based on information from the devices manufacturers, CRO and testing laboratories, Skinobs brings together key information expected by cosmetics professionals.

For more innovative effective cosmetics

In 2 clicks and for free, Skinobs allows cosmeticians worldwide to identify the in vivo efficacy methods and the testing laboratories suitable for any product claim. It is a comprehensive and independent tool which optimizes the development of products in terms of performance, cost, speed, and innovation. To help users reach their product launch requirements quickly and efficiently, whether that is the specificity of a claim or the screening of a formulation, Skinobs provides fast and in-depth information on existing methods and direct access to testing laboratories. 


A 360-degree vision of in vivo efficacy testing

R&D managers, formulators, marketers and regulatory authorities in charge of the products or ingredients evaluation will find Skinobs a unique support that answers all their questions about skin testing: what method, what device, what CRO’s...? Complementary topics enable them to deepen their research: method data sheet, directory, world map.

A collaborative business model

The platform is free for all cosmeticians interested in testing and invited to log in for free by completing their profile. The platform, independent and comprehensive, refers free of charge to the information transmitted by testing laboratories and instrumentation manufacturers. This information appears in the list of results for each test, the directory, the "corporate" card, and the world map. In addition, there is no commission on transactions or contacts. Referenced companies have the opportunity to become partners, with a premium pay referencing that highlights the company and its services. It is these partners who truly offer free access to cosmeticians.

Skinobs News, intelligence tool for innovative testing

Preview of the platform “in vivo efficacy testing”, Skinobs News is the 1st market and technology intelligence tool for industrial cosmetic testing covering topics linking chemical analysis, toxicology, tolerance, in vitro and in vivo efficacy, use tests and sensory tests. With more than 5000 articles read per month since its launch and 2000 article published, Skinobs News is the reference for cosmetic testing news.




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