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logo FOCUS#3 - 2020 - Décember -  Clinical Testing - Anti-Aging

FOCUS#3 - 2020 - Décember - Clinical Testing - Anti-Aging

Publication of :2020-12-24

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We are glad to share with you the 3rdFOCUS, the biannual discussion panel of Skinobs dedicated to the Anti-Aging Testing. The latest Focus was published in June and was considering the Sun care testing for both Clinical and Preclinical evaluations. This new publication is 8 articles, 8 points of view of the today testing evolution for personal care,actives,ingredients and medical devices.For some years, the beauty industry is gradually leaving the era of anti-ageingbehind. Today, most consumers are more in the mood for a well aging, slow aging or pro aging approach...Some brands have used the idea of “improves the appearance of skin quality”and “restore the skin comfort”. A new vocabulary of renewal, regeneration, plumpness and “glow” now dominates the language of the anti-aging claims.Beauty then becomes more integrative, it will globalise well-being, the silhouette, the sleep quality, or the lifestyle...resulting in a different look expecting new codes and expressions. In this quest for mindful beauty radiance, what women expect from skin care is emotional pleasure, sensoriality. It is all about supporting the aging process rather than fighting the signs of aging.

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