Personalized Beauty Summit, USA 2020, The Future of Beauty is Personalized

16 July 2019


“What a stimulating event! A really well curated set of speakers ranging end-to-end from commercial opportunity to scientific and technical capability and market execution. Some very insightful case studies. We also loved the session of new tech pitches – great stuff!”

Jason Harcup, Unilever, Global VP Personal Care Research and R&D Prestige Division, on the Personalised Beauty Summit USA 2019

There is no doubt that the future of beauty is personalized.

The consumer is moving away from the ‘one size fits all’ approach, preferring to embrace products and services tailored to their individual needs and unique lifestyle.

As new data transpires, the role of biomarkers and environmental factors in an individual’s response to cosmetic ingredients becomes clear. Combined with modern technological advances from smart diagnostic devices to self-learning algorithms, which enable large scale data collection and analysis, personalization has the potential to completely revolutionize the beauty and personal care industry.

The Personalized Beauty Summit brings together leaders from both the technology and cosmetics industry, to showcase cutting edge research and new technological advances whilst exploring key trends and consumer priorities.

Join the event to hear more about how to expand your current portfolio, foster consumer engagement and brand loyalty with data-driven product recommendations and experiences, whilst also balancing profitability, scalability and supply chain flexibility.

The future of beauty is personalized.

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