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Stability, Physicochemical analysis, Content-contenair interaction, Biodegradability, Ecotoxicity, Microbiology, Safety, UV and efficacy testing.



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Tolerance, Efficacy, Sensory analysis for skin, scalp, nails and hair studies.

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Symposiumon for preclinical and clinical testing in dermocosmetics
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A 360-degree vision of cosmetics testing

Through collaborative work with all stakeholders in skin, hair and nail analysis, Skinobs' platforms help cosmeticians, research and development managers, formulators, marketers or regulatory affairs around the world, to find recognized test providers and relevant methods to support claims for assets or finished products.

A smart and easy-to-use tool to identify classical and innovative tests

Skinobs provides fast and in-depth information on existing methods (technical sheets), devices and CRO’s (Corporate lab sheets). It gives direct access to CRO’s complementary request. It is a unique support that answers all questions about product evaluation: what claim, what method, what measure, what CRO’s, where,...? These platforms optimise the developments of products in terms of performance, cost, speed, and innovation.

Our secret: a precise knowledge of the manufacturer needs, a spirit of innovation and a great enthusiasm!

Listening to the trends and the evolution of the technologies to study nails hair, and skin, we work to the constant improvement of our database. We place the expectations of cosmeticians and test providers at the heart of our thinking and of our independent and comprehensive approach.


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