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Easily Find the Preclinical testing and their Providers Around the World

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Initially clinical trials

After launching in 2016 the 1st technological platform dedicated to clinical test methods and laboratories, is launching a new platform dedicated to preclinical tests. The 1st platform allows cosmeticians to identify relevant methods to support their claims of active ingredients, finished products or medical devices: tolerance tests, consumer tests, sensory analyzes, efficacy tests on the skin, hair or nails. In 2021, 3 830 users from 85 countries logged in for more than 6 minutes on average, viewing more than 96,000 pages. The success of this unique tool has been built on a collaborative relationship with the actors of the sector and cosmeticians with today more than 375 methods and more than 140 laboratories referenced in the world.

A 360° panorama of preclinical expertise

This new platform "Preclinical Testing" is, just like the 1st, a tool accessible free of charge and without commission on the connection. In 2 clicks, each user can choose by:

• Category of tests: analytical tests, ecotoxicity and biodegradability tests, container-content interaction, safety tests, efficacy tests and UV tests...

• Claim: anti-aging, anti-pollution... (more than 80 referenced)

• Test supports: cell cultures, 3D skin models......

...the various tests corresponding to its objectification project, and contact each test provider directly. A keyword search makes the search even easier. It has never been easier to identify the tests needed for objectification projects, thanks to the links that Skinobs has made between product methods and claims, mechanisms of action and test solutions.

Special mention for efficacy tests

Cosmeticians identify test laboratories according to criteria specific to their projects:

Mechanisms of action: Acne, Adipocyte, Anti-aging, Bioavailability, Cell Renewal, Free Radicals and Oxidation, Hydration, Inflammation, Biomechanical Integrity, Microbiota, Pigmentation, Pollution, Barrier Function, Regeneration.

100 biomarkers: cytokeratins, collagens, Metallopeptidases-proteases, interleukins, hyaluronic acid, integrins, Interleukins...

Quantitative and/or visual analysis methods: gene expression, histology (Morphology and imaging), protein and metabolic analysis...

Choice of 3 levels of tailor-made tests: personalized protocol, 100% R&D studies and non-targeted "omics" tests.

An economic model?

The platform is free for all cosmeticians interested in the tests and invited to connect for free by completing their profile. The independent and comprehensive platform references free of charge the information provided by test laboratories and instrumentation manufacturers. This information appears in the list of results for each of the tests, the directory, the "corporate" sheet and the world map. In addition, there is no commission on transactions or contacts. The referenced companies have the opportunity to become partners, with a paid Premium referencing that highlights the company and its services. It is these partners who truly offer free access to cosmeticians.

Today, is also a news feed dedicated to technological innovations and market information in the sector as well as the possibility of contacting us directly for any specific question. It's so easy to save time!


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+33 (0)6 30 08 90 98

14 Avenue de Verdun,
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