Anti-wrinkle a Major Activity of Evaluation for the IEC Centers

5 February 2019 - 0 commentaire

The demonstration of effects on wrinkles remains a major activity in the field of evaluation for our IEC Centers in Europe, but also in ASIA (JAPAN, SINGAPORE, KOREA and CHINA) and in SOUTH AFRICA in seasons reversed.

Clinical demonstration based on atlas and instrumental techniques: shadows analysis of silicone replicas that are still in high demand (Quanti-Rides™ station, Monaderm), direct Fringe Projection measurements (Dermatop™ Eotech), 3D analyzes of facial wrinkles (AEVA-HE™ Eotech), 50 MHZ ultrasound measurements of the dermis (Dermcup™, Atys Medical) analyzed by OrionConcept …

A stimulating cocktail of methods to meet local and international regulatory requirements, scientific communication needs and of course expectations of consumers!

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