All in One Solution by Newtone Technologies for Hand Back Skin and Nails Analysis

29 October 2020

Image acquisition and analysis of nails and hand back skin is often a challenge for laboratories. To address this challenge, Newtone has developed DigiCam, a high resolution image capture device dedicated to hand skin and nails.

Images of hands and nails can be achieve using several supports (single hand, both hands, single finger). Image acquisition software enables perfect repositioning over time. Images are provided in both cross polarized and parallel polarization, enabling analysis of nails and hand back skin color component, homogeneity and gloss. Metric measurements can be provided as well for nails growth measurement. The devices can be rented all over the world. Renting comes will full Newtone package including technical training, support all along the study and quality control and image analysis, using specific analysis algorithms developed by Newtone. Hand skin and nails care products as well as nails make up products performance are now easy to address and assess. Claims are easily substantiated.

Read the complete article: ZOOM#17 -Testing trends nails evaluation – in vitro efficacy testing – Skinobs.web


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