Microbiological Safety of Cosmetic Products: a Key Element in the Safety Process by Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care

25 October 2021

“A preservative-free cosmetic, a preservative-free product”…are heard more and more by consumers. In light of the continuous calls for the reduction of preservatives in products, concerns arise with respect to the microbiological safety of the cosmetic products.

How is the formula protected from bacterial damage or microbiological growth? How can you ensure that the cosmetic item isn’t dangerous for final users?

Preservatives are used to guarantee the sanitary safety of cosmetic products. Preserving a product is mandatory; the manufacturer is liable for it, and the consumer’s safety is at stake.

In order to limit the spread, transfer of micro-organisms to users and to guarantee safe use of cosmetic products throughout their shelf life, Eurofins assists clients in developing a testing strategy that is based on tests that follow the regulations combined with microbiology risk assessment.






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