Attractiveness and self-confidence: Localism key to cracking lucrative Middle East beauty market via Cosmetics Design Europe

26 September 2022

Cosmetics contribute more to Middle Eastern women’s sense of attractiveness and self-confidence than ever, but not in the ways typical of social media-shaped Western trends, according to research.
Writing in Cosmetic Dermatology, a team of researchers conducted a cross-sectional analysis exploring the quality of life of cosmetics users from eight Arab countries in the Middle East. The study was conducted between June and November in 2021 among adults in Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Most were female (71.38%), single (52.63%) and tertiary educated (70.94%).
Findings showed the broader liberalising thrust among Arab populations mean more women – especially single women – were interested in what cosmetics could do for their appearance and sense of wellbeing.

Attractiveness and desirability key to ME beauty
The study found the two primary reasons Arab women applied cosmetics was to boost their attractiveness and desirability and raise their self-confidence. And one of the most potent self confidence-boosting cosmetic uses was to correct hair and skin problems often caused by desert climates across the Middle East.

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By Shane Starling – 11-Aug-2022

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