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Skinobs makes the tests complete, visible, accessible and intelligible information.

To support the allegations of products and ingredients, cosmetics is constantly seeking classical or innovative methods to more accurately demonstrate the performance of the products in the skin.

The site Skinobs publishes and relays information about all tests in cosmetics

– Chemical analysis,

– Toxicology,

– Tolerance,

– Vitro and vivo efficacy

– Use tests

– Sensory analysis

Articles are indexed by topics (type of products), expert voice… and key words.

Skinobs dedicated to the testing professionals

Skinobs is intented to cosmeticians, and in the first place, the evaluation responsible of cosmetic brands, full services suppliers and also manufacturers of active ingredients and ingredients.

Skinobs allows to connect together the players in cosmetic testing: upstream providers (tests and instrumentation) and customers (manufacturers).

Skinobs, a watch tool of technological and market

On the one hand, Skinobs offers technological and marketing watch on testing and skin assessment methods to everyone in R & D, development and formulation, marketing and communication, regulatory services.

On the other hand, this site proposes the opportunity to manufacturers of instrumentation, researchers, laboratory analysis and tests, to consultants and experts but also to manufacturers of active ingredients and finished products to communicate on measurement methods, biological and skin properties, cosmetics and their ingredients. They can share their knowledge and expertise with their customers and partners.

Publication and free consultation

Publish information is free, the consultation also.

If you want to share your expertise, send us your article or press release with a photograph (otherwise we will choose one for you) at the following address:

Or contact + 33630.089.098

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Anne Canet-Charpentier

Skinobs Founder