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14 December 2021

The moisture in the stratum corneum and the quality of the skin barrier function are the most important basic parameters and relevant for all products and other materials that are applied to or meet the skin.

That is why Corneometer®, the gold standard for measuring the water content of the stratum corneum (SCH), and Tewameter®, the gold standard for measuring transepidermal water loss (TEWL), are indispensable in the worldwide R&D of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and household products. They are used daily as robust, accurate “workhorses” in the respective work and studies.

The measurements around the water content of the skin belong to the area in which C+K has an absolute core expertise. So, we are pleased to present two devices that illuminate this important parameter from other angles and are therefore a perfect complement to the “gold standard”.

State-of-the-art capacitance imaging with new hard- and software – MoistureMap MM 200

Capacitance imaging is based on the renowned L’Oréal SkinChip®*. The sensor gives graphical information on the near surface hydration distribution and the micro-topography of skin and other tissues (textiles, plants, etc.). The new MoistureMap MM 200 (successor of the MM 100) features new hard- and software. The very flat sensor surface without any metal rim and a capture-button on the probe facilitate the taking of high-quality images. The convenient, modern software offers new functions and parameters.

MoistureMapping: analyse the distribution/homogeneity of hydration on the skin surface (results known from the various L’Oréal publications, a permittivity result, and more) presented in an easy to understand graphical and numerical way. Compare even different ROI in one image. With optional accessories, the MoistureMap is well-suited for in vitro measurements.

Micro-topographic results: As the sensor has no contact to the skin where lines and wrinkles are, they are perfectly visible in the image (background – no signal). In addition to looking at hydration, topographic measurements (polygon size, corner density, anisotropy index) give interesting aging parameters.

Impressive ”3 D”-style images to add to your documents and publications.

Take a video (.avi) to show kinetic effects of moisture distribution: select the number of frames you want to analyze to show a development over time, especially useful for in vitro applications, occlusion studies, etc.

*MoistureMap is licensed worldwide under the L’Oréal patent for the Skin Chip® (EP 1 438 922 B1). A variety of articles on the measurement principle have been published.

Unique new instrument to assess skin’s wettability by drop shape analysis – Drop Angle Meter DM 300

Analyzing the shape of a drop of water on a surface and determining its contact angle is a well-known method to characterize wettability, skin’s free surface energy, its tension, and its hydrophilic/ hydrophobic properties.

When a defined droplet is applied to the skin, the drop forms a certain shape. The point at which the skin, liquid and air meet determines the contact angle. Water forms droplets with contact angles 90 degrees and higher on a hydrophobic (low energy) surface and less than 90 degrees on a surface. The larger the contact angle the lower the wettability and vice versa. Higher wettability indicates more moisture at the skin surface (hydrophilic – higher surface energy). The compact Drop Angle Meter DM 300 features a very uniform diffuse LED light source, a flexible arm rest and a high-resolution camera, that takes the macro image of the drop on the skin from the side, which is then analyzed in the modern, convenient software.


The Drop Angle Meter is a perfect addition for:

  • Effect of products on the skin (degreasing, washing, moisturizing)
  • Testing spreadability
  • Testing water repellence of products, for example lip gloss or nail polish
  • Tissue engineering, e.g., skin grafts for scars (improved adhesion of cells with increased wettability)

Both, MoistureMap MM 200 and Drop Angle Meter DM 300, feature connections for Corneometer® and Tewameter®, thus allowing you to create a sophisticated “water measurement center”.



Courage + Khazaka

Diana Khazaka

General Manager



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