Roughness and Isotropy Analysis with C-Cube Clinical Research by Pixience

22 December 2021

The 3D Module for C-Cube Clinical Research produces highly accurate surface reconstructions of the skin, either in vivo or on silicone replica, in mere seconds and with unrivaled ease of use.

Many of our customers use it daily to measure the skin’s roughness and texture and evaluate the efficacy of anti-aging, moisturizing, healing or smoothing products, quickly and easily.

Our 3D Module produces the following profilometry criteria:

  • Altitude / Depth (Sv, Sp, Sz)
  • Roughness (Sa, Sq, Sdr)
  • Symmetry (Ssk, Sku)


The isotropy of the skin microrelief is an indicator of aging and hydration based on the analysis of the nature of the skin fine lines. Lines oriented in all directions are called “isotropes” and reflect a young and well hydrated skin. Lines organized in a preferably direction are called “anisotropes” and indicate an older and/or dry skin.

C-Cube Clinical Research allows you to observe the lines of the microrelief in HD color photographs, or through 3D surface reconstructions. In both cases, Pixience Cloud gives you access to automated line detection and isotropy analysis.

In addition, various complementary criteria can be analyzed:

  • Micro-relief density
  • Plateau size
  • Line depth (in 3D).

As always, remember that you can also outsource your data analyses to us through Pixience Cloud.


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CEO, Pixience
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