32rd IFSCC Congress, Focus on Testing Extract of the Conferences Sessions, September 19-22, 2022, London,

16 September 2022

The IFSCC (International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists) is a worldwide federation dedicated to international cooperation in cosmetic science and technology. The annual IFSCC Congresses bring together representatives from all Member Societies, and other industry figures, to discuss cosmetic science on a grand scale and with a global perspective.

“Like those before it, IFSCC 2022 is an international event featuring science, products and the best practice driving cosmetic innovation. Visitors will discover new developments, discuss market trends, reconnect with colleagues and meet new ones. Industry scientists, academics, business owners, suppliers and brand developers, to name but a few, will all be there.”

Tony Gough, IFSCC President Elect


To read the full extract of conferences dedicated to testing: IFSCC 32 th – London – Focus on testing – Extract of the programm by Skinobs



10.10am              Pedro Contreiras Pinto  PhDTrials            The skin as a recipient of environmental influences for the emotional state: The new concept of Emossome


11.20am              Martin Baraibar                OxiProteomics Targeted proteomics assessing skin proteome carbonylation as a reliable biomarker for dermo-cosmetics age management efficacy studies


15.10pm              Gunja Springmann          Proderm GmbH               Aging Collagen in the Human Papillary Dermis: Comparison of Non-Invasive in vivo Methods




Abich booth 24

Biox Technology booth 29

Courage & Khazaka booth 9

Cortex Technology booth 16

Dia-stron booth 27

Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care booth 6

Eotech booth 29

Proderm booth 7



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