ZOOM#13, Latest Trends in Clinical Testing: Focus on the Anti-Pollution and Regenerative Claims

10 October 2019

The developments of the cosmetics regulation on claim substantiation is worldwide moving rapidly. Its latest changes in Europe (July 2019) impact the practice of the testing to evaluate the personal care activities on the skin and the hair.

To increase its knowledge of testing, Skinobs will follow the next IFSCC congress in Milano, the Cosmetic360 and the JP Marty Days in Paris.

In this Newsletter we are glad to present a focus on the objectivation of the anti-pollution and regenerative claims.

Then we will present you the lastest innovations of our partners: Cerco, CIDP, Dermatec, Eurofins, I.E.C, Intertek, Microfactory, Pixience, VitroScreen,

Upload the complete Newsletter: Zoom#13 Anti-pollution & Regenerative Oct. 19

We will have special focus on the latest news of our partners:

  • Blue Light Protection Testing by Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care,
  • IEC Group: In vitro and in vivo approach for anti-pollution effect,
  • Anti-pollution efficacy by CERCO,
  • Objectively substantiate the anti-pollution claim by CIDP,
  • Anti-pollution efficacy by Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care,
  • In vivo Raman reveals the composition of the skin barrier by Dermatec,
  • Efficacy of your hair products with Intertek ,
  • Pixience introduces C-Cube QuickScale: A new software for skin and hair image analysis
  • VitroScreen celebrates 10years’ research on skinmicrobiome,
  • Phylogene: A comprehensive « free of hypothesis » analysis of the effects of cosmetics against pollution.
  • A predictive and fast screening in-vitro test by Microfactory


Happy reading!

Anne Charpentier, CEO


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