ZOOM#11: “Boost Your Test” and trends for in-cosmetics 2019

22 March 2019

Come to talk with us at the “Boost Your Test” zone [Q120], a unique highlight dedicated to testing and organized by in-cosmetics in Paris, 2-4 April.

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It means that we will have three days to speak with you about devices, in-vitro and human testing.

We will be able to answer specifically your questions about Skin Protection Evaluation, Sun protection, Anti-pollution, Anti-ageing and give you new ideas for your future claim substantiation.

Please find in this newsletter the latest news of our partners’ instrumentation and testing labs: Cerco, CIDP, Cosmepar, Dermatec, Eurofins Dermscan, Eotech, Eurofins, I.E.C, Intertek, Microfactory, Newtone Technologies, Phylogene, Sterlab, Straticell and the “Boost Your Test” partners: Helioscreen, PhDTrials and Complife Group.

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And as a pre-in-cosmetics , we will be glad to meet you at the SKIN SCIENCE Happy Hour organized by the CED and ONLYLYON, the 1st April 5.30 pm 15, boulevard Diderot Paris. Just book following the link

We will have special focus on the latest news of our partners:

  • A unique in vitro model of age spots by StratiCell
  • New in anti-pollution at Intertek!,
  • IEC Group: The multi-ethnic experience of sensitive skins
  • CIDP, your leading partner to substantiate your hair care claims
  • Always more imaging at Cerco
  • New in-vitro kits tests ready to use developed by Sterlab
  • Dermatec is expanding and moving closer to the CLMO*
  •  Eurofins-Dermscan: worldwide facilities to objectivate all skin types,
  • Newtone Technologies, a new solutions will make “CRO at home” a reality and the client a Queen by
  • Cosmepar will be changing its name from early 2019
  • Test the impact of cosmetics on cutaneous microbiota by Eurofins
  • Microfactory brings Smart-Pore to the heart of the innovation
  • Eotech ready for the show at in-cosmetics Paris
  • HolXploreTM, a new complete Data Processing module for simultaneous metaproteomics analysis and it’s microbiota by Phylogene.


028 BYT

The partners of  “Boost Your Test”



Skin aging efficacy assessment for cosmetics by Complife Group


Advance Image Analysis by PhD Trials


In vitro Blue Light and Infrared protection by HelioScreen Lab

Happy reading!

Anne Charpentier

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