Wko are we? by Cosmetics Consultants Europe

30 June 2020

Cosmetics Consultants Europe (CCE) is an association uniting European consultants & others working in the cosmetic, personal & consumer health care products, fine chemical/cosmetic ingredients and borderline industries towards providing greater representation with EU agencies, authorities & industry. CCE is meant to represent & defend common interests in scientific, technical, regulatory, business and legal affairs. Our Association was notarized under Belgium law in January 2016.


  • To increase the visibility and better recognition of consulting professionals in the cosmetic sector
  • To find solutions for problematic issues facing our members, in particular those affecting scientific, technical, regulatory, legal, financial and institutional as well as those relating to European and/or international business cooperation.
  • To promote & defend its members ethical collective interests without involvement in their own activities;
  • To represent its members against third parties, in particular in relation with all public and private organisations, and to defend their general interests.
  • Furthermore, the Association will seek recognition by organisations of relevance to its objective and mission and will seek to be recognised as a NGO at the EU, and shall act as such.

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