Targeted Delivery and Screening of Lipid Nanoparticles by Innocentive

28 May 2020

The Seeker is a leading global research & development company that is searching for a partner to generate libraries of lipid nanoparticles for the targeted delivery and screening of nucleic acids. The goal is to improve the therapeutic index while reducing unwanted side effects in translational disease models.

This is an electronic Request-for-Partners (eRFP) Challenge; the Solver will only need to submit a written proposal to be evaluated by the Seeker with the goal of establishing a collaborative partnership.


Lipid nanoparticles (LNP) are promising carriers of therapeutic agents (e.g. siRNA, DNA, mRNA). When LNPs are injected in vivo they are mainly taken up by liver cells where they release their therapeutic content, thus limiting the potential indication space to liver-related diseases. A breakthrough in the field would be the discovery of LNPs that can deliver therapeutic agents to defined organs, with limited effect on the liver. Therefore, the Seeker is interested in identifying collaborative partners with expertise in creating LNP libraries to facilitate the drug discovery process.

This is an electronic Request-for-Partners (eRFP) Challenge. The Solver will write a preliminary proposal (about 2-4 pages, including supporting non-confidential information and contact details) to be evaluated by the Seeker with a goal of establishing a collaborative partnership. Upon completion of the evaluation, the Seeker may contact selected Solvers directly to work out terms for a collaboration contract. The monetary value of the contract will vary depending on the amount of work to be delivered and the agreed time frame.

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Published by Innocentive, March 24 2020

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