Smart skin care: Shiseido unveils subscription-based personalised beauty service via Cosmetics Design Europe

26 November 2019

16 jully by Amanda Lim for Cosmetics Design Europe

Shiseido has launched a new personalised skin care system, which combines an intelligent smartphone app and a dedicated product dispenser to provide optimal skin care tailored to current conditions.
Optune is Shiseido’s rst subscription-based service and costs ¥10,000 ($92) a month. This will give users access to a dedicated application that uses an original algorithm to analyse skin, environmental and sleep data. The Optune service is currently only available in Japan, but may expand abroad depending on its local success, said the
Shiseido added that a key motivation behind the establishment of this service was to cater to users that have to juggle hectic lifestyles: “In recent years, there are more and more women seeking a balance between work and home life, and an increasing number of them cannot spend time on daily skincare.”

Skin data collection

The Optune app analyses and collects data from skin using the phone’s front-facing camera. At present, it is only available via the Apple store for iPhone users. Skin conditions can vary day to day due to external factors such as weather, urban pollution, pollen levels, as well as internal factors including sleep, stress and menstrual cycles.

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