Skin firmness Evaluation with the DynaSKIN-2 by Eotech

23 September 2021

Since more than 14 years, our company in collaboration with Orion-Concept had developed a unique and innovative system to measure skin firmness, the DynaSKIN! This system combined Air projection hardware with a 3D sensor based on fringe projection technique which acquire images synchronously during the air flow.

This solution was very sensitive and robust in the firmness measurement obtained by the volume calculation of the depression produced by the air, as many articles promoted it. Unfortunately, this hardware was linked to our first generation of DermaTOP which is obsolete nowadays. As the demand for this type of measurement remains strong, we decided to create a new version which has the same performances but independent from the 3D sensor and the DynaSKIN-2 is born! Instead of coupling the air blowing system to the sensor, we made it independent but coupled to the positioning bench.

To make it independent to the different positioning benches we provide, we coupled it to a common part that can be found on all of our benches; the head bloc system. This bloc is a reference for the volunteer positioning and therefore guaranties the accurate positioning of the air flow device to make reproducible measurement and not shading the 3 sensor.


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