Shiseido’s New Research Centers Open Innovation Program “Fibona” via Beauty Matter

18 January 2022

To collaborate with start-up companies, Shiseido Company launched an open innovation program to collaborate with start-up companies led by the Shiseido Global Innovation Center (GIC) called fibona. The co-creation program with external partners will pursue the creation of new value and innovation that goes beyond cosmetics in the beauty field. Fibona seeks the fusion of unique, innovative ideas from start-up companies with the research and development capabilities of Shiseido’s existing businesses and commercialization aiming to create value in unprecedented new business fields.

The GIC started its full-scale operation in April 2019 as an urban open lab. “Fusion of diverse people and knowledge” has begun to occur at the GIC, encouraging communication with consumers and researchers centering on open spaces in its lower floors, collaboration with external research institutes inside and outside Japan, and introducing diverse working styles for the researchers. Through fibona, they will create new value that excites and inspires the world by fusing external partners’ unique ideas and technologies with Shiseido’s expertise in beauty and science.

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