Paris April 5-7, 2022: In-Cosmetics Global and “Boost Your Test” in the Testing & Lab Zone

18 January 2022

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In collaboration with in-cosmetics, Skinobs will animate the booth BOOST YOUR TEST, enabling the visitors to ask their questions about their evaluation project:

  • How to substantiate innovative claims ?
  • What is the best anti-maskné protocol?
  • What CRO for SPF testing?
  • What methods to analyse the strucutre of the skin?

Would you like to be sponsored of BOOST YOUR TEST, please contact Anne Charpentier at



Skinobs partners present at the Testing & Lab zone

 Bio Basic Europe – Stand Y32

 CIDP – Stand Y22

 Complife – Stand Q120

 Courage & Khazaka Electronic GmbH – Stand R112

 Ellead – Stand R121


 Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care – Stand Q130

 Merieux Nutrisciences – Stand R129
Miravex Limited – Stand S103

 PhD Trials – Stand Q98

 StratiCELL – Stand R108

 Validated Claim Support – Stand R111
 Zurko Research – Stand AA17


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