Microbiome : Checking the Effects of an Ingredient with Genomic Tools by Phylogene

17 November 2020

Evaluation of an active ingredient is requiring knowledge, dedicated tools to design and implement experimental studies. Elucidating the antimicrobial or soothing effects of a natural extract, understanding the direct and long lasting effects of a diet on gut and its microbiota are discipline 180 out apart… however we are doing it! With Phylogene, you can characterize impacts generated by ingredients, diets, diseases or drugs the microbiota as well.

  • Bacterial and fungal genus/species quantitative PCRs,
  • Bacterial 16s rDNA and fungal ITS sequencing with OTU-based estimation to investigate microbial communities diversity and determine taxonomic composition,
  • High-resolution nano LC-MS/MS quantitative proteomics and HolXplore™ data processing. The efficient tools for discovery Genomic


Genomic tools to evaluate effects of active molecules on skin microbiota’ repartition


Proteomic and metaproteomic tools to characterize direct and long lasting effects of a diet on gut microbiota


Proteomic tools to validate soothing effects of an active ingredient on rebuilt epidermis models.

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