ISO 21392: a Turning Point in Heavy Metals Analysis of Cosmetic Products by Melistone

24 May 2022

Last August, ISO 21392 method for the determination of heavy metals in cosmetic products via ICP-MS came into effect. This new method is a key asset as it guides laboratories toward a universal method to determine the most common traces such as chromium, cobalt, arsenic, nickel, cadmium, antimony, and lead in finished cosmetics. Together with our guest speaker Dr. Maximilian Orlandi, Chemistry Lab Manager at Complife Group, who has deep knowledge of the analysis of cosmetics and the ISO procedures, we will review the benefits of this method. The procedure describes the use of microwave digestion in combination with ICP-MS, which are the gold standards in several industries, to expedite and simplify cosmetics analyses, whilst ensuring higher quality.

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By Milestone

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