Eurofins: Always on the safe side – Focus on skin protection

26 April 2018

Eurofins clinical laboratories test for several years, the benefits of cosmetic care products on the protective functions of the skin upper layers and surface hydrolipidic film, but also the absence of harmful effects of detergents on these same functions.

Instrumental methodologies are implemented to specifically measure the preventive or restorative benefits of care products against solar radiation, erosion of the Stratum Corneum, exposure to the cold, to surfactants and to pollution particulate matters…, but also the mild cleanser effects, respecting the hydrolipidic film.

Each test may involve a set of adapted measurement (pH, TEWL, temperature, kinetics of sebum secretion, microbiome analysis, surface or in-depth moisturisation, pollution particulates deposit etc…).




Head of clinical laboratory – Cosmetic Division


505 rue Louis Berton

CS 50550

13594 Aix en Provence Cedex 3 – France

Tel : +33 (0)



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