Digital Startup Skinfo Wants to ‘Make Conscious Choices Easier’ in Beauty via Cosmetics Design Europe

3 May 2022

Swedish digital startup Skinfo has developed an online tool to simplify the display of beauty ingredients online, driving transparency and helping to build consumer trust,
its founder says.
Founded in 2019, Skinfo’s online widget displayed cosmetic ingredient lists in a simple and transparent way, offering a visual ‘overview’ with easy-to-understand icons, vitamin highlights, ingredient functions and allergen concerns. All information displayed via the tool was based on scientific evidence from various sources, including the European Commission (EC), European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), among others, and it had been designed for use on e-commerce platforms and direct brand listings on Shopify and own-brand sites.

Skinfo was already used by several online retailers worldwide, including Lloyds Pharmacy in Sweden and a range of D2C brands operating on Shopify, displaying ingredient information for more than 180 skin care and cosmetic brands on these platforms. Today, the tool was used by shoppers worldwide 10,000+ times every day and had been used four million times since its launch by around 350,000 customers.

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By Kacey Culliney 13-Apr-2022

Save time and find easily the methods and the testing suppliers to substantiate your Cosmetics & Personal Care claims.

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