Dermatec is expanding and moving closer to the CLMO*

1 April 2019 - 0 commentaire

After the inauguration of its first premises in 2018, DERMATEC is widening its investigational platform and stock of high-performance instruments (incorporating DERMO, COLORFACE and pH-meter).

Now evolving in 420m² (versus 150m² at the beginning), the company is offering new opportunities based on its dermatological expertise as well as analytical methods made to limit bias, thus allowing the expression of product-effect only.

Already benefiting from a strategic location in Tassin-la-Demi-Lune (next to Lyon), DERMATEC is moving even more closer to the CLMO, being on the same floor.

DERMATEC and CLMO’s doctors act in synergy, sharing their respective expertise and skills in cutaneous diagnosis.

A transversal follow-up which enables the optimization of treatments implementation, volunteers’ care and data/effects analyses together with their interpretation.

DERMATEC is continuing its dermatological and cosmetic rise relying on strong foundations and especially a close relationship with LyREC (association) and the CLMO.


DERMATEC welcomes you for an introduction of its different activities.

*Centre Laser Medical Ouest /





Agnès Lavoix, CEO

Mobile : +33 (0)6 38 94 59 17


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