Callaghan Consulting International Celebrating 10 Years in Claims Development

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Key steps in any claim development process are: consumer insight, product raison d’être , claim development strategy, body of evidence, and communication. If the developer cannot get these processes right, it does not matter what the trendy claim might be, they may well fail in the overall compliance”. Theresa Callaghan

In April 2019 as we marked our 10th Anniversary in Claims Development and Skin Scientific Affairs, we also celebrated with our 5th Annual Claims Development workshop at In Cosmetics Paris in April which proved to be energetic, informative and fun!

As we experience 2019 legislative updates in the EU Claims Criteria, new exciting scientific & marketing developments, as well as tough challenging global concerns, this course helps the developer understand that claims support within the framework of the EU legislation is far beyond just evidence” — it is the foundation of any cosmetic product or brand.

Claims Development

With the growing demand for expertise in the claims development process preceding clinical studies, Dr. Theresa Callaghan created Callaghan Consulting International (CCI) early 2008 anticipating a need for more control of cosmetic claims and furthering scientific developments in that process. Based in Hamburg, the business has grown from strength to strength, especially since the 2013 EU cosmetics claims legislation with ever increasing demands, from raw material suppliers, distributors and brands big and small, for support in one of the most important aspects of skin product development.

Bespoke Workshops Just for You

CCI enjoys continuing success with an increasing number of bespoke workshops for clients around the world, as well as for industry events. These workshops walk the client through the process of developing a claim using specifically focusedclaims as examples.They also help clients develop a common sense approach in achieving their claim objectives and an understanding of their ownership of the claims development process.


Lost in Translation?

As a native “English speaker” Theresa Callaghan has supported more than 30 authors during 2017-2018 in the preparation of their manuscripts for publication in both peer-reviewed and trade journals.

Widely published herself, she is an experienced ghost-writer,” and an active member of a number of professional societies. Importantly she also sits on the scientific editorial board of the International Journal of Cosmetic Science!

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