What’s behind the claim? Body care efficacy proven by an integrated and multi-tool approach by Mérieux NutriSciences

3 August 2022

For as long time, the focus on skin care has been predominantly on the face and the searching for products and treatments by industry experts and consumers has been aimed at defining the best routine to always have a well-groomed, healthy-looking skin and a glowing complexion.

But now something has changed, and the rediscovery of self-care, body and mind has a great impact in the consumer demand. So not only body product that claim for anti-cellulite, slimming, firming, improving skin imperfections effects, but also that combining wellbeing benefits.

This should not be surprising because according to a study published in Cosmetic Europe, for 71% of European consumers, cosmetics are important in improving quality of life, for 70% in boosting their self-esteem.

Body care product is one of the fastest-growing segments in the cosmetics industry, as it has become an important part of women’s fashion.


Anti-cellulite skin care products are in high demand among an aging population in the developed countries.


Cosmetic claims and claim supports should go hand in hand, and it is important to find the right solution for each project through the combination of:

  • Efficacy evaluation,
  • Sensory analysis,
  • Consumers’ self-assessment
  • Support of technical and medical experts.


So, how Mérieux NutriSciences support the main body care products claims?


  • Lipolytic effect (in-vitro)

Triglycerides extraction and amount determination, through morphological analysis and digital imaging acquisition OilRed coltheired Adipocytes.

  • Anti-cellulite effect (in-vivo)

Waviness amplitude parameters through 3D Skin scanner, using non-contact measurement and visio-bench for positioning and repositioning.

  • Skin thermography (in-vivo). Analyse thermal distribution analyser due to non-contact infrared measurements to evaluate the efficacy of cosmetic, dermatologic, and aesthetical.


  • Lipolitic effect (in-vitro). Triglycerides extraction and amount determination, through morphological analysis and digital imaging acquisition OilRed coloured Adipocytes.
  • Circumference evaluation (in-vivo). Thighs and inter-trochanteric circumference measurements through Millimeter tape.
  • Skin elasticity (in-vivo). Skin viscoelastic properties evaluation: skin firmness and elastic properties through Cutometer or Elastimeter.
  • Skin laxity (in-vivo). Evaluation of skin laxity with high-resolution image analysis through skin echography using high-frequency cutaneous ultrasounds.
  • Expert evaluation. Visual assessment of body skin by score-defined through visual assessment.



  • Hydration (in-vivo). Water-content evaluation in the stratum corneum both in the area of application and in the non-treated closed area through Moisturemeter or Corneometer.
  • Skin marks (in-vivo). Evaluation of skin marks with high-resolution image analysis through Skin ecography using high-frequency cutaneous ultrasounds.



The scent of a body care is one of the most impacting characteristics that need to be considered, so how can They capture a preference for a perfume? How can They understand what can be the best emotional fragrances to associate with a specific product effect? Emotions and sensations always play a key role, and they can measure them in order to communicate them at their best, and associate the right scent to the product.


5. THE LIKING (Sensory analysis)

Identification of liking scores expressed for different fragrances.


6. EMOTIONS (Sensory analysis)

Emotional profile.


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