Using Data to Power Digital Transformation by Raconteur

16 September 2022

Huge amounts of data flow into and through organisations on a daily basis. This data is the lifeblood of digital transformation, powering the tools, services and experiences that customers want and providing companies with a competitive advantage. So does every knowledge worker now need basic data analysis skills to do their job effectively?

Marcos Monteiro, chief executive of Veezoo, a natural language query-based platform described as “Siri for enterprises”, claims there is a growing divide between top-performing organisations that realise all employees need data analysis skills and those that don’t.

“Trends such as ‘growth hacking’ from Silicon Valley introduced the idea of building a data-native team to look for insights, experiment and find ways to grow the business faster,” he says. “However, what companies like Facebook, Airbnb and Slack have realised is that using analytics shouldn’t be limited to just data teams, it needs to be the de facto way of doing business and part of the company culture.”

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By Duncan Jefferies

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