in-vitro Skin Testing Consulting by AF Biocell

30 November 2021

Skin biology is an exciting field from a scientific point of view and one where innovations are constantly flourishing…

I have been immersed in this field for 6 years and have had the opportunity to develop several innovative skin cell models and associated analysis methods and to use them to test the effectiveness of various types of ingredients. Having worked in 2D and/or 3D on most of the skin cell types and having carried out numerous bibliographic researches, I have acquired a good global knowledge of the human skin functioning.

Passionate about this field, I now offer to accompany companies in their R&D projects, from project planification to result valorisation and communication. Anti-ageing products, anti-oxidant effect, effect of an ingredient on the skin barrier, its hydration, its pH, its pigmentation … protection against UV, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, skin inflammation, skin dryness … effect on the structure of the skin, its cornification, epidermal differentiation, dermal-epidermal junction, extracellular matrix, hair growth …. Whatever the claim, I offer to help companies identify, demonstrate and valorise the biological efficacy of an ingredient or equipment by setting up, managing and valorising pre-clinical studies.

Because each company is unique, I first identify the company’s precise needs before establishing the most relevant strategy to optimise costs while maintaining the greatest rigour, which guarantees the seriousness of the study.

In concrete terms and depending on the company’s needs, I can be involved in a long mission and manage the whole project or intervene in a much more punctual way on one step of the project. I propose to carry out bibliographical research to provide state of the art on a given subject, to write precise protocols for the implementation of the study, to carry out the experiments if all the conditions are met or to identify the appropriate service provider(s) (CRO), to supervise the entire study by ensuring coordination with the various partners, to validate and, if necessary, to translate the results obtained into terms that are more comprehensible to the public.

In order to bring visibility to the companies, I also propose to bring my scientific skills to valorise these results, notably by writing scientific articles.



Anne-France de Bengy

Tel: +33

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