Cosmetotest Symposium on in-vitro, ex-vivo and in-vivo Testing: Pre-Programme

30 November 2021

Cosmetotest Symposium

on Preclinical and Clinical Tests for Dermocosmetics

by Cosmet’in Lyon and Skinobs

January 27 & 28 2022 – ENS-LYON



We are glad to annouce Cosmetotest, the first Symposium dedicated to preclinical and clinical tests in dermocosmetics the 27 & 28 January 2022 at ENS Lyon.

This symposium, organized by Cosmet’in Lyon and Skinobs in partnership with the S.F.I.2.C and the D.I.I.P, and the support of the AURA-Region throught the CosmeBooste project, aims to enable cosmeticians from all over the world to:

  1. Make a technological and scientific point through academic and applied lectures and interact with attendees,
  2. Meet testing partners, exhibitors, CROs or instrumentation manufacturers,
  3. Participate in demonstrations of devices carried out by exhibitors.



1st Session: Pollution – Inflammation – Allergies

  1. Inaugural conference: Overview of the roles of protection of the skin against the microparticles – Marc Vocanson, INSERM U1111-CIRI, Université Lyon 1
  2. Prevention of pollutants penetration evaluated on a living skin model – Valérie Cenizo, L’occitane.
  3. Inflammation models for acne treatment – Marisa Meloni, Francesca Rescigno, Elisa Caviola, VitroScreen.
  4. In vitro epidermis models to study the skin homeostasy in response to the genotoxic and aging stress –Pr Jérôme Lamartine, LBTI UMR 5305 CNRS/UC.
  5. Short talks [10 min] to be confirmed by the Cosmetotest exhibitors.


2nd Session: Sun and Pigmentation

  1. Inaugural conference: Overview of the 3D models – Colin McGuckin, CtiBiotech.
  2. 3D scalfold Free spheroids microtissue to mitigate biais in the in vitro evaluation of dermal elastic properties – Nicolas Bechetoille. Gattefossé
  3. 3D pigmented models and solution for in vitro evaluation of dermocosmetics – Amélie Thepot,
  4. Overview of the solutions for the in-vitro UV evaluation – Sébastien Miksa, HelioScreen.
  5. Short talks [10 min] to be confirmed by the Cosmetotest exhibitors.


3rd Session: Test of the Content-Container Interaction

  1. Inaugural conference: A specific cosmetic toxicological risk management protocol consortium intended to evaluate cosmetic packaging/formula – Gilles Gauthier, Charlotte Thevenet.
  2. In-silico analysis for safety evaluation of dermocosmetics – Paul Thomas, Carole Charmeau, KREATiS.
  3. Biotests as useful tools to assess hazard of complex mixture from cosmetic packaging – Dijon, Isabelle Severin.
  4. Short talks [10 min] to be confirmed by the Cosmetotest exhibitors.



1st Session: Gloss and Radiance of the skin and the hair

  1. Inaugural conference, Speaker to be confirmed.
  2. Skin complexion exploration « radiance, glow, transparence and other complexion secrets» – Elodie Prestat-Marquis, Newtone technologies.
  3. Gloss of the hair: How to quantify this effect? – Pascal Sterlé, SP Equation.
  4. Evaluation of the “Skin Radiance and Complexion”, what it means? Quantitative and Clinical Approaches* – JC Pittet,
  5. Clinical scale and other evaluation perspectives* – Sophie Mac Mary , Skin Exigence.
  6. Brightness of the Hair through the analysis of its surface* – Jean-Jacques Servant, Eotech
  7. Short talks [10 min]: PIXIENCE, MIRAVEX, other to be confirmed by the exhibitors.


2nd Session: Barrier Function of the Skin

  1. Inaugural conference, Skin biomarkers & barrier function* – INSERM (Marc Vaucanson)
  2. Different ways to quantify and visualize the dermocosmetics effects (LC-OCT, TEWL…)Agnès Lavoix , Dermatech-Complife Group.
  3. Raman Confocal as a key technology to identify barrier function conditions*Olivier Piot, university of Reims.
  4. The contribution of the proteomics and metabolomics analysis to substantiate Claims on barrier function improvementGilbert Skorski,
  5. Relation between formulation & measure of the barrier functionPascale Barlier, Cos&Co.
  6. Short talks [10 min] other to be confirmed by the exhibitors


3rd Session: Sensitive Skin

  1. Inaugural conference: Overview of the skin conditions of sensitive skin* – Pr Philippe Humbert,
  2. Skincare products for sensitive skin: how to evaluate in vivo?Anne Sirvent, Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care.
  3. Clinical evaluation of senstitive skin trough RSOM technology*Charlene Granier,
  4. Skin microbiota composition as a sensitive skin revelatorCyrille Jarrin,
  5. Short talks [10 min] AYTON, other to be confirmed by the exhibitors.

* Titles of conference are not definitive


Download the pre-programme: Pre Programme-Cosmetotest 27-28 January 2022

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