Skin Metaproteomics: a Key Functional Approach to Study Skin Healthiness and Resilience by Phylogene

21 June 2022

Our new poster at SID 2022 with partners highlights that metaproteomics is a powerful technology allowing to demonstrate that modulating proteins expression at keratinocytes and microbiome functional levels leads clearly to clinical and visible outcomes: improvement of skin wrinkles, mechanical properties and skin healthiness.

Access the poster by clicking here


High-resolution nano LC-MS/MS quantitative proteomics and Coravalid™ data processing,
High-resolution nano LC-MS/MS quantitative metaproteomics and HolXplore™ data processing for functional level of host and microbiome.
Bacterial 16s rDNA and fungal ITS sequencing with OTU-based estimation to investigate microbial communities diversity and determine taxonomic composition.


Gilbert Skorski


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