Revision of ISO 24443 – Determination of Sunscreen UVA Photoprotection In-vitro by Helioscreen

6 September 2022

The ISO 24443 standard specifies an in vitro procedure to characterize the UVA protection of sunscreen products (in vitro UVAPF and Critical Wavelength). Initially published in 2012, the second
edition has been technically revised in 2021 (with a corrected version in 2022).

Involved in the sunscreen testing since 1999 as a CRO, HelioScreen already proposes to test your
sunscreen products according to this new version. Furthermore, we can support you with 2 of the main changes including (i) the acceptance of moulded (such as the Helioplate HD6) and sandblasted PMMA plates (such as the Helioplate SB6), and (ii) the introduction of a new high UVAPF standard P8| corporate and testing sheet:

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