ZOOM#16, Skin Pigmentation Measurement and the Latest News of our Partners

9 July 2020


Could we consider 2020 as a UFO year ! Since January with the spread of this strange virus, stopping billions of human activities, causing fear among fragile people around the world, things have changed for everyone’s personal and professional life. In this publication, without anticipating the “Black Lives Matter” movement and the evolution of the personal care industry approach about lightening and whitening claims, we focus on the pigmentation evaluation.

Then we present the launch of the new Preclinical Testing Platform and the latest innovations of our partners: Bossa Nova, C+K, CERCO, Complife Group, Eurofins, Expertox, Helioscreen, I.E.C, Intertek, Microfactory, Monaderm, Monasterium Laboratory, Newtone, Orion, PhD Trials, Phylogene, StratiCELL, and Zurko Research.

Download the complete Newsletter: ZOOM16-Skinobs-pigmentation-WEB.VDEF


We will have special focus on the latest news of our partners:

  • The measurement of hair coloration by Bossa Nova.
  • Skin color measurement: easy and quick for all applications  by Courage & Khazaka  and Monaderm.
  • Colorimetric measurements and pigmentation objectivation by CERCO.
  • The objectivation of skin color and pigmentation by Complife Group.
  • Designing safe products with Eurofins’ endocrine disruptor approaches.
  •  Eurofins solutions to objective non-invasive measures of skin pigmentation, luminosity and radiance.
  • Skin lightening analysis by Expertox.
  • Blue Light and Infrared skin damage objectivate  by HelioScreen.
  • Multitechnical and multiethnic assessment of pigmentation by IEC.
  • New skin test protocol at Intertek: Non-transfer effect.
  • in vitro – in vivo correlation for the efficacy of antitranspirant by Microfactory.
  • Ex vivo human skin: An excellent model for skin pigmentation Monasterium Laboratory.
  • All in one solution by Newtone for pigmentation analysis.
  • Skin bio-metrology by Orion.
  • PhD Trials objectively evaluates Skin color and Pigmentation.
  • High resolution proteomics for a complete understanding of the product efficacy by Phylogene.
  • Use of dermoscopy to objectivate a depigmenting effect on hyperpigmented 3D in vitro models by StratiCELL.
  • Color measurements and the objectifivation of skin pigmentation by Zurko.


Statistics of the platforms traffic:

We wish you all a nice summer

Happy reading!

Anne Charpentier


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